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亚博游戏网站是多少-“第一个有观众的网球赛”扛不住了 法网观众再缩减

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   Less than three weeks before the end of the U.S. Open, the French Open will also start next week. On the 24th local time, the French Open held a lottery ceremony. The news that originally cared about the most was robbed of the limelight by the "emergency announcement" that followed. Shortly after the lottery was over, French Prime Minister Castel announced that the French Open this year The number of people at the scene will be reduced again, and only 1,000 people are allowed to enter the venue every day.


   According to data from the French health department on the 24th, there have been more than 16,000 new cases in France in the last 24 hours, a record high since the outbreak. In this context, French Prime Minister Castel announced that the French Open will not be an exception.


   The original number of viewers was 11,500. To


   already "positive" players are forced to retire


   Because of the raging new crown pneumonia, the number of people infected with the virus in France rose sharply in March, which also forced the French Open to be postponed and the date was changed to September 27.


   But the fact is that half a year has passed and the new crown pneumonia has not disappeared, but it "returned" before the French Open was about to start.


   The U.S. Open, which ended just two weeks ago, was carried out almost under the haze of the outbreak in New York. The unreliable prevention measures of the U.S. Open Organizing Committee have been criticized by many players. Now that the protagonist under the spotlight has been replaced by the French Open, what kind of answer will they hand over?


However, the main game has not yet begun, and the French Open has not yet begun to withstand the real test, and it is no accident: during the qualifying round, 5 players retired due to the epidemic, namely De Zuh (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Iss Tomin (Uzbekistan), Zapata (Spain), Christine (Serbia) and Escobedo (United States).

但是,主赛还没有开始,法网还没有开始经受住真正的考验,这绝非偶然:在排位赛中,由于流行病而退役的5名球员,即De Zuh(波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那) )和Iss Tomin(乌兹别克斯坦),Zapata(西班牙),Christine(塞尔维亚)和Escobedo(美国)。

   It is reported that in accordance with the French Open's epidemic prevention regulations, all players will undergo nucleic acid testing as soon as they arrive in Paris. The day before the start of the game, the French Open announced that two players tested positive for the new crown virus, and the other three had close contact with a coach who tested positive for nucleic acid. The French Open stated that the above five players will not participate in the upcoming qualifying matches and will enter a 7-day self-isolation period.


The next day, another female player was diagnosed and was disqualified and retired. As a result, 6 people in the French Open have been forced to retire, 3 of them have been diagnosed, and the remaining 3 are close contacts, giving the French Open a lot of attention. Layer of haze.


   Figures show that the French Open has now carried out more than 1,000 tests, but 3 players were diagnosed within two days, plus a coach diagnosed, 6 players have been disqualified and forced to retire. For the French Open, which allows spectators to enter, the difficulty of epidemic prevention will be extremely difficult. To


   The audience reduced by 90%


   "Since the resumption of the tennis season, the French Open will be fortunate to be the first event to allow spectators to come to the scene," said Judicelli, president of the French Tennis Association.


   Earlier this month, the French Open Organizing Committee also optimistically estimated that the site can accommodate 11,500 people to watch the game every day. However, as the epidemic worsened, French Minister of Health Véran announced on the 23rd that many areas, including Paris and its surrounding provinces, had been upgraded from general alert to increased alert. Since the 26th, the upper limit of the number of people holding rallies in these areas has been reduced to 1,000 from the previous 5,000.


   French Open is inevitable to reduce its audience size.


   In fact, the organizing committee has been forced to reduce the maximum number of viewers to 5,000 on the 17th of this month. When the government’s decision on the 23rd was announced, many people have begun to worry that the French Open will have to face the fate of another reduction in the live audience. When asked on the 23rd whether the French Open might become an exception to this policy, Verand did not give clear. The answer only means that a decision can be made after further discussion. This also gave the organizing committee a glimmer of hope. However, hope will soon vanish in the face of the severe epidemic situation.


   Epidemic prevention measures will be tested


   Prior to this, the French Open was very tough on inviting spectators to the game. In a previous show called "Twitch channel", Judicelli told the French tennis star Monfils that the French Open will definitely proceed as scheduled, and at the same time stated that it will allow spectators to enter the arena and will not "ghost games." .

在此之前,法国公开赛非常难以邀请观众参加比赛。 Judicelli在之前的一场名为“ Twitch频道”的节目中告诉法国网球明星Monfils,法国公开赛肯定会如期进行,同时表示将允许观众进入比赛场地,并且不会“进行假游戏”。 。

  According to the original arrangement of the French Open, the participating players will be arranged to live in two designated hotels. All participating players must undergo a nucleic acid test as soon as they arrive in Paris, and a second test will be performed 72 hours later. After the game starts, players will be tested again every 5 days.


  During the event, the entire Roland Garros Tennis Center will be divided into three separate areas. Among them, the two areas of the center court Philippe Chatier and the other main stadium Susan Langlen will each allow 5000 spectators to enter the stadium, the Simone Mathieu stadium has a limit of 1500 people, and other venues will not Spectators are allowed to enter the game.

活动期间,整个罗兰·加洛斯网球中心将分为三个单独的区域。其中,中央法院的两个区域Philippe Chatier和另一个主要体育场Susan Langlen都将允许5000名观众进入体育场,Simone Mathieu体育场最多可容纳1500人,其他场馆将不允许观众进入游戏。

   In accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements, any spectators who are active around the venue of the French Open must wear masks. The seating layout of various audiences will be adjusted according to hygiene guidelines to ensure social distance. At the same time, the cleaning and disinfection of all areas of the venue will be strengthened, and hand sanitizer will be distributed.


Although the French Open’s epidemic prevention measures have not changed much except for the substantial reduction in the number of viewers, the second wave of the epidemic in France is turbulent, whether it can withstand the test in the cusp of the storm and become the first successful “with viewers” ​​since the new crown pneumonia Tennis events", the next two weeks will be the key.


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